b'Always in FashionAs we pull into Bagru in the district of Jaipurwith cows and pigs roaming freely along its dusty roadsI find it hard to believe some of the worlds top fashion and textile designers source their fabrics here. For hundreds of years, the people of Bagru have created intricate patterns using hand block printing techniques and natural dyes. The physically demanding work is performed by members of lower castes, each caste specializing in a different step in the process. Working from traditional patterns, or ones commissioned by designers from around the globe, men sit on hard floors bent over workbenches carving blocks of wood into stamps. The blocks are passed along to those who apply the prints and dye the fabrics in indigo and other exquisite tones. Throughout the city, I find material strung over balconies and laid on the earth to dry where animals freely walk over them. For a couple of dollars a day, these artisans produce textiles which reap fortunes they never see. I have long been aware of the inequities of the global labor system, and here I witness it with my own eyes. Still the people of Bagru are rightfully proud of the fine craftsmanship they have passed down from generation to generation.95'