b'I n the morning, I set out to explore Old Delhi, starting with a tour of Masjid Al Jama, Indias largest mosque. The architectural marvel constructed of red sandstone and white marble was built in the mid-1600s by Shah Jahanalso responsible for the Taj Mahalat a cost of one million rupees. It takes my breath away. While the plaza can hold 25,000 worshippers, I happen to visit at a quiet time.Inside, a tall, slender man with piercing eyes catches my attention. He is barefooted and dressed in white from head to toe like the other worshipers in the prayer hall. But something about his demeanor tells me hes different. I watch as he communicates not with his voice, but rather with hand gestures, and I realize he is mute. Even with his limited ability to express his thoughts and desires, he seems to be at peace. What more can be locked inside?1'