b'Along the Road I slip in and out of extreme environments, from hotels with luxurious spas to slums where the only source of water is a community faucet. I pass by beggars and dine in fantastic restaurants. The government of India outlawed the caste system seventy years ago but in many parts of the country your last name and family history continue to determine your station in life. Anwar, a thin man in his early sixties with a thick mustache, bushy eyebrows and wire-rim glasses, is a member of the Rabari tribe. For generations, his nomadic ancestors have bred and herded livestock in the northwestern region of India. Rabari tribesmen are easy to spot with their red turbans and white clothing. In the sweltering midday sun, Anwar allows me to photograph him and his flock of goats. They obediently follow him to the side of the road for the photo-op. 121'