b'BlessingsA man notices me and my camera and waves me over. His granddaughters head shaving ceremony, called a mundan, is underway. The father holds the infant securely, protecting her from the sharp razor. The Ganges is the most polluted river in the world, but that does not prevent these proud parents from immersing their precious child in its waters. The blessing for a prosperous and healthy life outweighs the risk. When I see the family present the barber with paper money, I reach into my pocket and mirror their behavior. The barber places his hands before his face as a gesture of gratitude. Before we say our goodbyes, I am asked to take a portrait of the three generations, and they are elated when I promise to send them the images I captured of the childs blessing and first pilgrimage to the Mother Ganges. My eyes well up with tears. This is a day neither they nor I will soon forget.54'