b'Feeding SoulsAway from the river, I come across dozens of men sitting on both sides of the sidewalk with tin plates before them as if they are seated at a grand dining table. From this makeshift soup kitchen a family has provided food for the poor for more than three decades. At a small shrine placed next to the enormous pot of boiling broth, the first portion is presented to the Lord Shiva, one of the primary deities of Hinduism. Now the others may eat. Servers make their way down the line filling the shallow pans with what is likely the only meal these men will have today. When one holds out a flour sack, the server pauses and looks into his eyes, then proceeds to fill the bag three-quarters. I wonder, where do the poor women eat? Before I go, I put money in a donation bin. Its roughly the equivalent of what would buy me a glass of wine back home. It all seems so unjust. I cannot possibly help them all, but perhaps I can touch one or two in a positive way.68'