b'Walking off the plane at the New Delhi airport, I remind myself how this will be a journey like none other. Right away I encounter people who look different than me, unfamiliar sounds and smells. Its all newits all differentits magical.My guide for the next sixteen days steps forward and introduces himself as Vikram. His warm smile puts me immediately at ease. With Vikram, I will be in good hands. As he escorts me to the exit, mice dance around our feet to avoid being flattened. One approaches me, screeches to a halt, and scurries to a corner. The mice, much like the people I will meet, are in survival mode.India has a population of more than one billion who identify with thousands of ethnicities and speak hundreds of languages. While its economy has grown to be the seventh largest in the world and poverty is on the decline, more than 70 million Indian citizens live in destitution. This journey will be filled with dichotomies. The ancient and the modern. Wealth and poverty. Luxury and misery. I look forward to experiencing it all, but I am most interested in illuminating the stories of those, who despite owning few worldly goods, possess an abundance of faith and positivity.'