b'I spent most of my journey exploring the northwestern state of Rajasthan. While this is the countrys largest state, Rajasthan ranks low on the United Nations Human Development Index which takes into consideration health, education and per capita income. Interestingly, Rajasthan translates to The Land of Kings.Step by StepFor centuries Chard Baori stepwell, in the village of Abhaneri, provided much needed water for the local population. The most photographed stepwell in India consists of thousands of stairs winding down 13 stories. Our guide Vikram would come to this historic site as a child with his brothers and sisters and have picnics and play on the steps. Down a back alleyway, we discover a shrine which has been watched over by a woman for more than 20 years. Her face etched with spiritual wisdom.In the isolated village outside the Chard Baori, people wait to make a living. A barber is ready for his first customer of the day. A man sits cross-legged making colorful bangles. 74'